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new2.gif (2109 Byte)Rambling in the Alpine Valley by Einsiedeln

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Hello ramblers and walkers, and all those ‘wanna be’s!!!

Firstly I must point out that a report on interesting walks could be so vast that the end of these pages of suggestions will be changed from time to time. ( Should anyone have relevant ideas, please send them to me to ag_email.gif (24433 Byte)


Many beautiful areas can be found in and around wherever you live, it is just a question of keeping the eyes open -- being aware of beauty.

On this page I would like to give you a few thoughts for you to take with you on your next walk.

As we love to be close to nature during our walks we must remember to protect our environment as it is irreplaceable. There will be others who follow in our wake who also like to enjoy the open air without having to put up rubbish left by predecessors.

To enjoy a ramble from beginning to end we must be correctly dressed for the elements in comfortable weatherproof clothes and suitable shoes.

Make sure that you know your own limits when rambling in a mountain area, as many an over enthusiastic walker has had to rely on the mountain patrol for help.


Walking in the Upper Regions of Locarno (Tessin)

From the railway station at Locarno we turn right, walk upwards towards the Via Sempione. Then we bear slightly to the left up the mountainside to the Via Prof. Mariani. This way takes us on the path parellel to the road, we follow this for about 100m where on the right is the start of the Vicolo del Lupo. Now we climb the steps to the church of Orselina. Over the Via Patocchi we arrive at the Via Eco which ascends in a westerly direction, at the end of which is the winding ancient path to the Maiensass San Bernardo. From this point we have a fantastic view over the Maggia delta.

The sign-post directs to a fork in the middle of the forest. From here we choose the path leading off to the right towards the chapel of San Bernardo. Over a wide buttress the path takes us up to the Maiennsass Cortaccio. We cross the wooded river bed of the Ramogna and walk westward over the grassland of Morsello. From here a pathway goes up to Cardada, and it is from this point that we have to decide whether to walk over to Alpe Cardada, which is in the vicinity or to climb further to 1671m to Cimetta.

Karte.gif (65114 Byte)Enjoy the beautiful view and fresh air of the chestnut forests above Locarno









Rambling in Alptal near Einsiedeln (canton Schwyz)

At the end of the valley in Brunni we start a walk which takes us through an outstanding area of natural beauty.

We walk in Brunni to the cable car straight on and further following the sign in the direction of Holzegg. We have to climb for about one hour before reaching Holzegg. For those who wish for a less steep climb yet a longer way there is a possibility of turning right half way along the path in the direction Zwischen Mythen. In either case both paths lead to Holzegg where you will have a fantastic view over the Vierwaldstatter See. It is worth the climb!

From Holzegg there are at least ten different new ways you can take. For the dedicated rambler the path to Grossen Mythen is a possibility. But for those who prefer a gentler way, you can strike out in the direction Ibergeregg. This is a simple walk which offers panoramic views and many suitable picnic sites.

Our advice to you, dear walkers, is to take the path to Holzegg where you can follow one of the many signposts and enjoy one of the many other walkways in this district.

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