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Here is our "Mystery Story", that my wife and I experienced in the night sky on Saturday, 30th August 1997.

Between 9.15 and 9.40 on this particular Saturday evening, we saw from our balcony, behind several clouds a light on the opposite side of the Lake of Zurich. This light travelled in great speed both to the left and right as well as up and down.

I am of the opinion that this was an appearance of a spaceship from another world, as neither aircraft nor other flying objects could execute these manoeuvres. During the afternoon at an Airshow the Swissair Jumbo-Jet should have given a display to the audience, but unfortunately this could not take place as the control tower’s red light lit up. Nobody, neither the technical personnel, nor the pilot could account for this. Probably the space-craft induced this warning light to light up, as these craft are more technically advanced than us by many decades.

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An eyewitness had a camera ...... and snapped the UFO as it came nearer ...... then suddenly it began to drop ...... and then followed a massive explosion.

This UFO crash was on 29th May, 1996 in Kansas, USA.


I am always pleased to hear from fellow enthusiasts of UFOs, and to hear about their own personal experiences, such as the following mysterious story.

Michael recalled:-

My wife and I were returning from France to Koblenz-Andernach. As it had been quite a stressful day my wife Angela fell asleep. We were alone on the motorway near to Andernach at about 1 o’clock in the morning, driving at about 120km per hour (c80MPH), when an UFO came from the left. It was brightly lit and followed us for about 3 km. It was as if this craft accompanied us. From the outside it looked like an extended triangle.

As I recovered from my initial fright I shouted at my wife (she has forgiven me!) to look to the left. At last she realised what I was shouting. I was overcome and reduced speed until we were stuck still on the motorway; the craft did likewise.

As I prepared to get out of the car it speeded up and flew right in the direction across the motorway, to where?

It was only later, by sober reflection (that doesn’t mean that we had imbibed earlier!!), that I realised that we were quite alone on the motor way and the sky was as black as pitch, neither house nor light were to be seen - not even another car. Also no sound could be heard.

Well, this experience became an absolute thing for us. Naturally there was the opinion - YOU ARE TOTALLY MAD, WHO KNOWS WHAT YOU HAVE SEEN etc. ........ What we saw is what we saw. That is fact. I believe that THEY are here, that THEY were here and that THEY visit us from time to time and will continue to do so in the future.

I would like to thank Michael and Angela for this contribution to our Homepage.

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