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The country in which we live is full of natural beauty within a very small space such as is found in no other country.

Switzerland offers everything for

all who seek relaxation and recuperation. Above all it has twenty five significant lakes, the highest, Lac des Dix or Stausee is 2,364 m above sea level. The deepest, the depth being 372m being the Vierwaldstaettersee.

wpeB.jpg (12138 Byte)Vierwaldstaettersee

View towards the Pilatus

(2132 m)




There are 16 glaciers in Switzerland, with the largest is the Aletschgletcher in Wallis. This has a length of 23.6 km and a total surface of 117.6 sq. km.

The highest peak in Switzerland is the Dufourspitze (Monte Rosa) which is 4,634 m above see level, and the deepest at Lago Maggiore in Tessin which is only 193 m above see level.

Here are some of the better known peaks in Switzerland.

Alps Lower Alps Jurals
Monte Rosa 4634 m Rocher de Naye 2042m La Dole 1677 m
Dom 4545 m Rigi-Lulm 1797 m Chasseral 1607 m
Matterhorn 4477 m Santis 2501 m Blauen 837 m
Finsteraahorn 4274 m Napf 1408 m Randen 912 m
Jungfrau 4178 m    
Pizzo Centrale 3001 m    
Piz Bernina 4049 m    
Toedi 3614 m    

wpeF.jpg (186961 Byte)The valley hamlet in Mutten, Graubunden







wpe10.jpg (44377 Byte)View over the unmistakable Matterhorn




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