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Silk is a natural fabric with unrivalled properties, this encompasses a comfortable wearing ability and also a good base for painting.

The silk thread is obtained form the cocoon woven by the silk worm caterpillar whose silk glands exude the silk, which hardens to a strong thread on contact with the air. The cocoon is spun by the caterpillar, using a figure of eigth movement around its body, until it is completely encapsulated in a silk cocoon. It is from this cocoon that the silk is drawn.

wpeD.jpg (36058 Byte)A painting of a vase in the Oxford style by Gaby Weber, 1997






Herewith some classical techniques for silk painting:

Alcohol technique The silk is dyed in a ground colour. After the fabrik is completely dry dip a brush in alcohol and apply to the dyed silk. The brush marks can be either a specific pattern, design or a random squiggle. This procedure may be repeated to deepen or clarify the pattern once the fabric is dry.


Aquarel technique The silk may be painted in a random manner in several colours, and due to capillary action of the silk weave the colours flow together creating an interesting effect and other subtle shades of the applied colours.


Contour technique Before applying any colour Gutta or a masking medium is applied to the silk, so that the colours will not bleed.


Salt technique Firstly different colours are applied to the silk and before the colours have dried salt (either large or small grained) is scattered over the damp silk. An interesting effect is thereby created which can be further influenced by either a quick or slow drying method (i.e. a hairdryer).


wpe19.jpg (44867 Byte)Alpine Flowers painted by Gaby Weber, 1997






There are many other possibilities for working and painting on silk.

If anyone is interested in my work or has questions on silk painting, please email me on      email13.gif (4434 Byte)


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