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Welcome to my Website!!!

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Now you know, what I look like. How do I spend my spare time? I'll explain briefly in the following few lines.

Above all I enjoy singing, apparently very well so it is said. I've always enjoyed singing and imitating Elvis, Engelbert, Udo Jürgens and many other artists. My voice is similar to Elvis's.

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In summer my favourite ocuupations are swimming and walking. Living of so close to the lake of Zurich is ideal for these hobbies.

Many people do not understand one of my other hobbies, namely my deep curiosity with everything and anything concerning UFOs and the unexplained. Look through my UFO page then perhaps you will understand me more.

Should anyone be interested in this subject I would love you to make contact with me on my E-mail

 email-junge.gif (4421 Byte)pgweber@bluewin.ch

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