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Feline page

Miauw, miauw. Aren't I the lucky cat to have a section of my own! I'll tell you on these page the sort of things that we felines adore or dislike. In fact anything to make our nine lives purrfect.

There is no cat which is so tame

Which will not be wild

When kept inside all day.


My favorite Gifs for you....

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Whether a black cat brings luck or not

Depends on whether

You are a human or a mouse!


Here is a short poem, translated from the German, dedicated to cat friends, by Heinz Erhardt.

The Queen of Cats

My cat she has a golden coat

And sits upon my knee.

She eats with pleasure

Fish and roast meat for her tea.

Now and again she catches mice

And sometimes - what do I see?

A bird - with flightless wings.

Often my cat strays awhile

To the house across the street.

She likes my neighbour and her smile

But loves her fat Tom cat!


So, my dear friends I must let my mistress use her computer again, but if you feel so inclined to send me your catty news and views please E-mail on  email-junge.gif (4421 Byte)

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