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diddl.gif (15756 Byte)Well, this could be me, but it isn?t!!!!




                    Ah, here I am

                                               gaby12kl.JPG (25333 Byte)

I have diverse interests, but mainly   Palette.gif (1235 Byte) Silk painting

                  wurm.gif (3746 Byte)    Reading -   I'm a real bookworm.   wurm.gif (3746 Byte)

In good weather Sonne.gif (7225 Byte)I enjoy walking in the mountains

                 and, working with my computer, of course!!     hacker.gif (7546 Byte)

In my spare time I look after the household                             Heart.gif (28127 Byte)

      by spoiling my husband


and my lounge tiger a-kitten2.gif (730 Byte)

               as well as tendingsunny.gif (21800 Byte) my flowers.

                                            b_arrow.gif (240 Byte)