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When you think of the name Bolivia, South America, Lake Titicaca springs to mind. This colourful land is also full of different cultures; amongst others the Aymaras, Quechuas and Tupi-guaranies live here.

The most well know place, without a doubt is La Paz which boasts 1 million inhabitants. 50% of all Bolivians live in large townships. La Paz is situated 3,650 metres above sea level.

Many do not know that Corioco is 1,760 m above sea level and sustains a subtropical climate, supporting bananas, citrus fruit, coffee, avocados, cocoa and orchids.

wpe12.jpg (36163 Byte)View from the "La Casa" Restaurant depicting the beautiful green mountains of Bolivia





To reach La Paz from Coroico it s necessary to cross the Konigskordillere which is a mountain pass 4,500 m above sea level. For one and a half hours the journey is through relatively bare mountain, but the remaining one and a half hours is through woodland, patches of giant ferns and bamboo in many variations. The 100 km car journey takes three hours although half the way is taken up by curves. The road was built by prisoners of the Chacowar (Bolivia-Paraguay) in the 1940s. Pervious to that the journey took seven strenuous days on foot! Many tourists walk the downward route, which takes three to four days - it is surely a fabulous walk.

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From Coroico there are many interesting tours arranged for tourists. For example there is a fork in the river about three hours walk away where a natural pool is ideal for swimming. The path there passes through mandarin groves and over ancient mule paths,

A delightful two-hour ramble takes one to a waterfall, whereby the walk itself is as interesting as the waterfall itself.

From the Uchumachi mountain there is a stupendous vista as well as the view of undisturbed nature.

Given the abundance of fresh air and ample exercise the recharging of the physical body would not be complete without good food. Whether you believe this or not both excellent German and Swiss cooking can be enjoyed in Corioco. Whoever goes there must surely test this for themselves.

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